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We have exciting news to share!

Our team at Trixie’s Salon and Spa is the first salon in Iowa to become certified in DreamCatchers Hair Extensions.

What does this mean for you?

Well, great things, actually! That’s because this line of hair extensions is the absolute best of the best, and we’re proud to bring it to central Iowa!

If you’re looking to get some hair extensions, here are a few reasons to make an appointment with us so we can give you the hair of your dreams.

Top of the line hair extensions

DreamCatchers hair is a unique blend of Remy hair, which means that the cuticles are intact and the hair runs from root to point. These hair extensions are made from 100% selected human hair, too, creating a natural look as if it was all your own hair. The quality is unmatched by any other extensions brand on the market, and in most cases, is often better than a client’s own hair.

High quality cuticles

The best indicator of hair quality is the intactness of the hair cuticles. Part of what makes DreamCatchers extensions stand out is that they’re full cuticle hair, which means there’s less of a chance for matting, is healthy and will integrate seamlessly with the client`s natural hair.

Options galore

DreamCatchers extensions are available in 56 colors — from black to blonde and everything in between.

Because the extensions also come in fun colors like blue and pink, it’s a great way for you — or your kids! — to have fun and try something new without all the pressure of a permanent color.

Cost efficient

DreamCatchers extensions are available as tape-ins, i-tips, k-tips or wefts.

What makes a k-tip an especially good option is that it’s an individual extension that is applied using a heating tool. K-tips are ideal for fine to medium-haired clients and are extremely versatile with maximum movement. K-tips can be re-tipped and reused, meaning they’re a cost-effective option.

Ready to freshen up your look and try something new? Book your appointment with Trixie’s Salon and Spa today!

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At Trixies Salon & Spa, our goal is for every client to leave feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.

And here, you’re not just a customer — you’re family.

We mean it!

When you walk in our doors, you’re met by a team that’s super fun and caring and who take the time to get to know you.

Our owner, Tricia, is a community advocate, which speaks to her big heart and why clients feel like family. In fact, she recently received the 2023 Iowa Small Business Administration Women in Business Champion of the Year Award in recognition of her deep passion for small businesses and championing others.

Tricia also carves out time every Monday to call some of our guests to check in and see how their services were with us.

“I love this time because I get to connect with our guests and get some amazing feedback on what we’re doing really well at and our area of opportunities,” she says.

In the past, these phone calls have led to feedback that reminds our team why we do what we do.

Clients have said we’re:


*laid back

*full of laughter

*feel like old friends




*worth every penny

Our team at Trixie’s Spa & Salon avoids the flashy high tech atmosphere of other salons because we care more about creating a warm and inviting environment for our clients. We believe in meaningful conversations, affordable prices and attention to every detail, both big and small.

The Trixie’s Difference creates an environment where customers feel valued and appreciated, and that's why our clients keep coming back for more. You can come for the services, but you'll stay for the experience.

We invite you to come and experience the Trixie’s Difference for yourself. Join our family and discover why we're the go-to salon for people who want to look and feel their best.

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Updated: Jun 5

Consider this your sign to pamper yourself and book a skincare treatment!

Skincare is not only important for your well-being and aging gracefully, but it can also be an incredibly relaxing experience.

Whether it's acne or wrinkles that are making you self-conscious about your appearance or something else entirely, regular skincare treatments can make all the difference in how great your skin looks.

At Trixies Salon & Spa, we offer skincare services like a focus facial, back facial, chemical peel dermalogica and more. It’s all part of our commitment to offering our guests treatments they need to feel their best.

Here are a few more reasons you should consider treating yourself to a skincare service.

Create a more healthy glow

Skin is the largest organ in the body — and it's sensitive. This means it needs to be properly cared for. It's important to understand what causes damage to skin (including sun exposure, wind and chemicals used in everyday products such as hair dye or nail polish remover) to avoid causing harm to your body.

Skincare treatments can help, too, as they lead to a more even complexion and brighten your overall facial coloration. They also leave your skin looking more radiant and healthy with an overall improvement in tone, texture and appearance.

Help reduce acne, acne scars and redness

Acne is a common problem that affects teenagers, but it can also be seen in adults. Acne occurs when there is an overproduction of sebum (oil) on the skin and clogged pores. This can be caused by hormonal changes, diet and stress levels or even the products you use on your face such as cosmetics.

Skincare treatments help reduce acne, acne scars and redness on your face. Treatment includes facials or chemical peels that will remove dead skin cells from your face to reveal younger looking skin underneath!

Eliminate skin irritation

Regular skincare treatments will make your skin less susceptible to irritation or rashes, which are common with sensitive skin types like psoriasis and eczema, by improving the overall health of your skin. They also provide a way to manage your condition, which can make it easier for you to live with, as well as improve, your appearance.

Ready to pamper yourself and get the healthy skin you dream of? Book your appointment with Trixie’s Salon and Spa today!

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