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The sun is shining, and the flowers are blooming — signs of a brand new season.

Why not bring about a new season in your own life by refreshing your look?

At Trixies Salon & Spa, we love to stay on top of trends, which is why we have our finger on the pulse of some of the best spring hairstyles to try in 2023.

Here are a few of our favorites!

Chin length bob

Perhaps you witnessed all the internet hysteria that happened when Haily Bieber, model and Rhode Skin founder, posted her latest haircut on Instagram.

The bob is back, baby!

There’s something so satisfying about ditching your long hair in favor of a short bob. This look frames your face since the cut stops right at your chin, especially if you flip your ends under with a curling iron or hair straightener.

You could also give a textured bob a go, like actress Jenna Ortega, whose haircut has gone as viral as her Wednesday dance moves.

Slicked back

You might be thinking, greasy hair? On purpose? No way! But trust us on this one. The slicked back look is all the rage this season.

The spring/summer 2023 runways, like Givenchy, Christian Siriano and Diesel, prove it. Some celebrities have even made the style their trademark.

To get a long-lasting, slicked-back look that doesn’t feel crunchy, it’s important to use the right products, like our Aveda Air Control Light Hold Hair Spray.

Part of what makes this look so popular is that it's easily customizable to best flatter everyone's face shape.

Mid-length choppy layers

Mid-length hair can often feel uninspiring, but it’s actually meant for a cute, edgy look. And here’s the good news for people with medium-length hair: 2023 will be your year of redemption

Just check out Lucy Hale's choppy look from December 2022. Her hair is styled into a voluminous cut with flipped-out ends and lots of layers. Some people refer to this look as the “wolf cut.”

Essentially, this haircut blends two well-known styles, the mullet and the shag, and features lots of chunky, shaggy layers on the top and wispy, wavy ends at the back.

Copper red, lived-in brunette and cherry-cola red

These are some of the “it” colors for spring.

Copper red is a gateway color for people who have always wanted to try a shade of red. Copper red is not only subtle yet vibrant, but in the sunlight, its gold and orange tones really shine through.

For those feeling a bit more bold, try tapping into the cherry-cola trend. It’s a deep red that’s not super bright, but when the sun shines on it, it glows. This is a great shade for darker hair types that want to switch up everyday tones.

And while redheads may be having a big moment, the lived-in-brunette trend enhances an already classic color for spring. Warm brunette is an understated color, both chic and simple, and is also making a big impact on spring 2023 hair trends.

Ready to freshen up your look? Book your appointment with Trixie’s Salon and Spa today!

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At Trixies Salon & Spa, our goal is for every client to leave feeling rejuvenated and revitalized. One service we love providing our clients is body waxing — everything from arms to the bikini area to legs and underarms.

The benefits of body waxing are many, but ultimately, it gets rid of unwanted body hair and keeps it off for a lengthy period of time. Who wouldn’t want that?

Getting a body wax can help you save money in the long run, too, because you won't have to buy razors or shaving creams on a regular basis. Also, over time, regular waxing can actually reduce hair growth, meaning you’ll need to get a wax less often.

Here are a few of the other top reasons why getting a body wax can be worth your time and money:

1. Give yourself a break from ingrown hairs

One of the biggest benefits of body waxing is that it prevents ingrown hairs, which are caused by the hair curling back into the skin, leading to bumps and irritation. Ingrown hairs often happen because when you shave, the blade cuts off part of each strand at an angle. When the hair grows back up again, it pokes through into surrounding tissue instead of emerging on top where we want them to.

These pesky hairs can be a major problem for people with sensitive skin or who have coarse hair that grows in different directions. Body waxing removes hair from its root, so you're less likely to experience this.

Keep in mind that, though less common, ingrown hairs can still occur with waxing. The best way to prevent them is to exfoliate two days before waxing and to use proper pre- and post-wax care.

2. Wax it and forget it

Once you've waxed, you won't have to worry about hair removal for several weeks, because hair grows back slower after a wax. Waxing also makes hair grow back thinner than it would if you were just shaving with a razor. This makes it a great option for people who are always on the go and don't have time for daily shaving.

In addition, unlike shaving, which can cause irritation and ingrown hairs, body waxing removes hair from the root. This means that there's less regrowth and less maintenance involved in keeping up with your look.

3. Get the smooth skin of your dreams

Waxing not only removes hair but also exfoliates the skin, which leaves it feeling softer and smoother. This is because waxing removes dead skin cells along with the hair, leaving your skin looking and feeling more radiant. And since waxing can serve as a form of exfoliation, your resulting smooth skin can last for up to a month. Say no more!

Ultimately, when it comes to hair removal, body waxing is an excellent option. If you’re looking for a way to remove unwanted hair from your body without having to deal with razor blades or lasers, then we recommend giving this service a try. Book your appointment with Trixie’s Salon and Spa today!

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Do you take the time to engage in meaningful ways with the elderly? If not, perhaps you should. You could make a real impact.

Consider this: Seniors who socialize with others have the opportunity to live a higher quality of life. There are a number of reasons why, but one of the most important is because studies have proven that regular social interaction leads to happier and more fulfilled lives, ultimately resulting in better long-term mental health for senior citizens.

There are also some important health benefits for seniors who spend time with others, including a potentially reduced risk of dementia, high blood pressure, arthritis and more.

A regular appointment with a hairstylist and a trip to the hair salon is just one way seniors can reap the benefits of regular social interactions.

And that’s just part of the reason why the team at Trixies Salon & Spa is so excited about our partnership with WesleyLife to bring three new locations to the area and help take care of local retired residents.

A meaningful partnership

Our mission has always gone deeper than simply offering haircuts and salon services. We are driven by a desire to truly care for people and want to build authentic relationships with our guests, who often become like family.

In fact, nothing motivates us more than being able to help and give back to those who need us. Our relationship with WesleyLife is the perfect way for us to do both.

And guess what?

Some studies show that maintaining a beauty routine as you age can have positive effects on mental health and can even be a viable form of care for people with dementia. What’s more, hair salons can serve as a micro-community, as well as a place for social gatherings.

We are thrilled to be able to provide standing appointments to pamper our guests at WesleyLife the only way we know how — by making sure each person who sits in our chairs knows just how beautiful they are, inside and out, for as long as we’re a piece of their lives.

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