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Trixies Inspires the Next Generation of Beauty Professionals

Here’s something you may not know: We have a fierce passion for mentoring the next generation of beauty professionals.

We want to make an impact and inspire others to dream big and follow their hearts.

Because of this, Trixies Salon & Spa has partnered with Avenue Scholars to provide hairstyling mentorship.

Avenue Scholars is an organization that provides comprehensive, individualized support services to help eligible students in Des Moines area high schools identify, prepare for and ultimately enter financially sustaining, high-demand careers.

We hope that our involvement with Avenue Scholars will give students a real insight into the beauty profession and the hard work that is put into this career.

Says our owner Tricia Rivas, “Doing hair/spa isn’t a hobby. You can have an amazing career and make damn good money if you’re good at what you do, but most importantly you’ll be taking care of those in your chair. We hope to inspire those that are serious about the beauty industry and it being their career.”

Students involved with Avenue Scholars who join us as Trixies Salon & Spa will start as a Front Desk Coordinator. They’ll schedule appointments for our guests, do laundry and perform wellness services, including hand and shoulder massages and applying warm neck wraps. They will also sit down with Tricia and be able to ask questions about what it’s like to own a salon.

The chance to experience mentorship in a customer service position like that of the beauty industry is a unique opportunity for students, and we’re so excited to help inspire the next generation of the beauty industry!

To learn more about Avenue Scholars, visit

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