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Spring into a new season with these hair trends for spring 2023

The sun is shining, and the flowers are blooming — signs of a brand new season.

Why not bring about a new season in your own life by refreshing your look?

At Trixies Salon & Spa, we love to stay on top of trends, which is why we have our finger on the pulse of some of the best spring hairstyles to try in 2023.

Here are a few of our favorites!

Chin length bob

Perhaps you witnessed all the internet hysteria that happened when Haily Bieber, model and Rhode Skin founder, posted her latest haircut on Instagram.

The bob is back, baby!

There’s something so satisfying about ditching your long hair in favor of a short bob. This look frames your face since the cut stops right at your chin, especially if you flip your ends under with a curling iron or hair straightener.

You could also give a textured bob a go, like actress Jenna Ortega, whose haircut has gone as viral as her Wednesday dance moves.

Slicked back

You might be thinking, greasy hair? On purpose? No way! But trust us on this one. The slicked back look is all the rage this season.

The spring/summer 2023 runways, like Givenchy, Christian Siriano and Diesel, prove it. Some celebrities have even made the style their trademark.

To get a long-lasting, slicked-back look that doesn’t feel crunchy, it’s important to use the right products, like our Aveda Air Control Light Hold Hair Spray.

Part of what makes this look so popular is that it's easily customizable to best flatter everyone's face shape.

Mid-length choppy layers

Mid-length hair can often feel uninspiring, but it’s actually meant for a cute, edgy look. And here’s the good news for people with medium-length hair: 2023 will be your year of redemption

Just check out Lucy Hale's choppy look from December 2022. Her hair is styled into a voluminous cut with flipped-out ends and lots of layers. Some people refer to this look as the “wolf cut.”

Essentially, this haircut blends two well-known styles, the mullet and the shag, and features lots of chunky, shaggy layers on the top and wispy, wavy ends at the back.

Copper red, lived-in brunette and cherry-cola red

These are some of the “it” colors for spring.

Copper red is a gateway color for people who have always wanted to try a shade of red. Copper red is not only subtle yet vibrant, but in the sunlight, its gold and orange tones really shine through.

For those feeling a bit more bold, try tapping into the cherry-cola trend. It’s a deep red that’s not super bright, but when the sun shines on it, it glows. This is a great shade for darker hair types that want to switch up everyday tones.

And while redheads may be having a big moment, the lived-in-brunette trend enhances an already classic color for spring. Warm brunette is an understated color, both chic and simple, and is also making a big impact on spring 2023 hair trends.

Ready to freshen up your look? Book your appointment with Trixie’s Salon and Spa today!

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